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QWIP Technologies is the only source for bound-to-quasibound, Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Focal Plane Arrays and Sensor Engines.

QWIP products provide the best solution to your high-resolution, long-wave infrared imaging needs.

Our QWIP-Chip TM Focal Plane Arrays offer the best cost-to-performance ratio in the industry, through unparalleled sensitivity and uniformity in both mid- and large-formats. Our reasonably priced sensor engines offer maximum performance in a compact, rugged and reliable package.

QWIP Technologies stands ready to serve your IR-imaging needs, regardless of scope.

QWIP Technologies offers many levels of integration and consulting services, to ensure that you obtain maximum performance from our QWIP-ChipTM FPAs.

All products are sold with a satisfaction guarantee.

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